Service Eval Download

Download Evals of NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service for Windows & Linux

The full feature, 30 days evaluation copy of NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service for Windows or NuDesign SNMPv3 Service for Linux are available from this site. Please don’t hesitate to ask for support if anything needs clarification, we would also appreciate your feedback, it makes the product and the eval process better for everybody.

Evals of secure SNMPv3 Agent Service for Windows – standalone or as a multi-product, combo eval

NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service for MS Windows, rev. 18.4.0, build 004 (64 bit).  (more NuDesign SNMPv3 Service for Windows info).
download a full feature evaluation of three products:  NuDesign’s SNMPv3 Agent Service for Windows – rev 18.1.0, with pre-installed set of Informant Windows Server monitoring DLL’s – rev 2017.1 and NuDesign’s Visual MIBrowser Professional – rev 14.0.3, combo build 002, available as a 64bit install.  All products are installed and pre-configured to operate “out of the box”, with MIBrowser Pro containing Informant MIB’s to facilitate the eval process.

Evals of secure SNMPv3 Agent Service for Linux (SNMP daemon)

NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service for Linux, rev. 15.2.0, build 002 (32/64 bit executables, 32 bit installer) or rev. 16.0.0, build 004 (32/64 bit executables, 64 bit installer).  (more Linux SNMP Agent Service info).

Compatibility Note: The MS Windows product evaluations have been tested on Windows Servers and Workstations: 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016, 2019, 2022, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11, 64bit versions. The Linux products have been tested on these primary families of Linux distributions: Fedora, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu & OpenSUSE, 64bit versions.

Security, Firewall, Norton AV products Note: Should you run into download issues due to Norton’s security and anti-virus applications please review this note.  If your security settings prevent the download button from operating please tell us which products you need and we will send them directly to you.