About NuDesign

About NuDesign

Welcome to NuDesign Technologies’ secure Windows SNMPv3 Service site.

The company specializes in development of management agents and client applications used in remote configuration, monitoring and control of Windows and Linux Servers and Workstations, embedded networking devices, services, and applications. For all of our software products, supporting standard management protocols such as NETConf, SNMP, CLI and web protocols such as RESTConf, please visit our main site at www.ndt-inc.com.

Secure SNMPv3 Service for Windows

This NuDesign site is focused on providing information about our secure NuDesign SNMPv3 Service for Windows product, a direct, drop-in replacement of Microsoft Windows SNMP Service.

The secure, encrypted and authenticated SNMPv3 communications provide protection of your Windows Servers and Workstations while providing for remote configurations and monitoring via the trusted entities.

SNMPv3 Service for Windows Resources

This site provides the following resources:

Please also review our main site’s News and Products Section pages for the latest on what’s available for sale, download and evaluation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and support your evaluation process as required.

Technical Support

Perhaps the most important aspect of our software products, development tools, applications and libraries is that they have been developed in-house by our engineering team, and it is the same team that also provides a product’s on-going evolution and technical support to you, our customers.

That support often starts at evaluation time and then extends into your development and validation testing cycle. It continues with the annual technical support program that provides you with periodic product enhancements, and continuing technical support access to our development team.

We can be contacted via email at contact@ndt-inc.com or by phone at 416 737 0328 or toll free 1 866 886 7667.